Case Study: The PuckWave Project

In this section we link to a worked example of modeling a system to create a game controlling robot pucks using a brain activity headset. The idea is to enable a quadriplegic to play a robot control game with a friend. We carry the modeling down to a Logical Architecture level of detail. We chose not to use scenarios but instead concentrate on describing the use cases using only activity diagrams with swimlanes.

You can trace the development of the model by visiting the diagrams created in sequence. Within each section (Operational Analysis, System Analysis, and Logical Architecture) we numbered the diagrams in the order they were created. The first diagram created was "OEBD 01 Operational Context".

Capella Model of PuckWave Project

It took approximately 12 hours to create all of these diagrams.

Engineering Systems Architecture course at Engineering Systems and Design, Singapore University of Technology and Design